STUDYING ONLINE AT VPSI SECONDARY – A strong response to the challenges of teaching during the pandemic.

Vision Statement

The vision at VPSI is to produce global citizens who are culturally aware and equipped with the skills to be successful in any field.

Mission Statement

We will achieve our vision by:

  1. Instilling in students a joy of learning thereby creating life long learners
  1. Developing self-awareness to the point where every student is happy with themselves
  1. By producing academic opportunities for growth
  1. Fostering a sense of community responsibility

Vientiane Pattana School International History


Vientiane Pattana School has been in operation since January 12, 1999.  It received official documentation from the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) in 2001 and obtained approval to be recognized as an international school from the MOES on February 1, 2018.  Consequently the name changed to Vientiane Pattana School International.

The school started as a small nursery with just four students and by the next year had expanded into a kindergarten. As well as following the Lao syllabus offered by the Ministry of Education and Sports,  Ms. Jackie Inthavong, the school director, envisioned delivering quality education to Vientiane’s youth, which included teaching English so that students at a young age were able to understand and grasp the English language. This early language development would put them on the path to receiving an all English instruction curriculum in their early primary years and beyond. A basic tenet of the director from the beginning has always been the mission of educating and preparing students to be active, involved citizens and life-long learners,

The school grew into the primary section, which was added on year by year until our oldest students, reached Year 5.  VPSI expanded again, and continued to offer three more years of education, as parents and students had requested, until the students were a bit older and could go abroad to study.

After many years of being a Junior Secondary School, and after much thought, a new building site was constructed to accommodate our expanded senior high school program. VPSI now offers As and A levels in a range of subjects, housed in a modern and well equipped school. All our classes have a maximum of 20 students. Our science labs rival the best across the whole South East Asian region. In July 2018, Vientiane Pattana School International was accredited as a Cambridge International School. 

Vientiane Pattana School International started as a classroom of three students.  Many years later, we still see numerous positive additions to our community as we continue to do our very best in serving our students and their families.



We hear the rustle of the breeze on the trees
And hear the ringing of the bells through the days
But the sound of music that we live by
Is the name of PATTANA

We hear the wisdom of the age in the hall
And hear it echoes through the years in our soul
But the sound of music that we live by
Is the name of PATTANA


Vientiane PATTANA, thy name we sing
All through the years this song will ring
Vientiane PATTANA, our beloved
Our love shall never fade


We’re hope of coming nation’s generations
With Laotian’s spirit lead us onward with pride
And the sound of music that we live by
Is the name of PATTANA

We learn, we labor and we serve in the end
With responsibility and integrity
And the sound of music that we live by
Is the name of PATTANA


So goes the journey we enjoy for life’s quest
Your honored name to praise and cheers we can hear
And the sound of music that we live by
Is the name of PATTANA

To you our Alma Mater Dear PATTANA
We proudly dedicate this song through the years
And the sound of music that we live by
Is the name of PATTANA

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